Camp Extrem Hercules 2014

17.07 -26.07

13-18 age group (14 persons)

The camp is for young lovers of the mountain, and will be held in two parts – first as a tent-camp in Mtii Retezat and the 2nd part as climbing camp-in Heculane-


overcoming physical comfort, enhancing and testing of potential physically, mentally and emotionally, to interact with nature, with those around us, developing team spirit and respect for the environment and those around


hiking, orienteering with map and compass course on rock climbing, caving and survival concepts, first aid, archery, knowledge of natural geographical environment, zip line and booster, thermal baths, campfire

Cost: 995 RON, comprising:
transportation, accommodation, 3 meals / day, assistance 24/24h, pictures, shirts, materials needed and climbing campării
tents for camp meals are provided on own

  • for club members are granted a discount of 50 lei / member 
  • 30.04 Enrolment to be granted a discount of 50 euro / person 
  • stockings brothers are granted a discount of 50 lei / brother

Information and registration:

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[tabtext]Calin Stan[/tabtext]

[tabtext]Adrian Lăncrăngean[/tabtext]




Coordinator / organizer




mountain guide / mountain rescue instructor alpinsm






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